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Wine tour in Neive and Barbaresco

If you decided to visit Piemonte there is a very high possibility that you are a wine lover.

Come with me and explore the Barbaresco area: with its very limited production, this wine has become one of the most renowned Italian wines in the world.

Let's explore together the village of Barbaresco and the charming town of Neive, one of the most beautiful 'borgo' in Italy. What is “BORGO”. It literally translates to “village”. But the term village does not fully explain what a “Borgo” is. A “Borgo” is a fascinating small Italian town, generally fortified and dating back to the period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

A wine tasting will be right conclusion of our trip.

Half day tour - approx. 4 hours

Price: from Euro 650,00 for 2 passengers

Tour is available everyday

Private transportation, private guided tour, wine cellar tour and wine tasting (3 wins) included.

Prices can vary according to availability and hotel location. 

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